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About Us

Our Mission

The Teton Regional Land Trust works to preserve important agricultural lands and fish and wildlife habitat in Eastern Idaho for the benefit of future generations.

Guiding Principles & Values

The Teton Regional Land Trust's (TRLT) conservation efforts are for charitable and educational intentions exclusively. We believe it is vital to be professional, fair, and accountable in all our activities as a non-profit community organization. We are committed to build and sustain an organization that can provide conservation opportunities and stewardship in perpetuity.

TRLT is a regional organization with a regional perspective. We believe that open space provides important ecological, economic, educational, recreational, and spiritual benefits to the watersheds and communities of our region. We work pro-actively and collaboratively to conserve these open space resources throughout the Upper Snake River Valley.

We value natural land for its biological diversity, soil and water quality, and scenic beauty, and recognize the importance of corridors that link these landscapes. We value agricultural lands for their economic, social and ecological benefits. We strive to help families retain their family lands.

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