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Chester Wetlands

chester_smChester Wetlands is a 1501-acre property located along the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River just north of St. Anthony, Idaho. The property was historically a cattle ranch. Through a collaborative effort by the Teton Regional Land Trust, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, The Nature Conservancy, The Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service and local residents, it is now managed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for its natural resource and recreational value. The property is home to moose, deer, waterfowl, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, sage grouse and more. Roughly half the property is wetland.

The Teton Regional Land Trust, the Henry’s Fork Foundation and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game partner annually to host a fieldtrip to Chester Wetlands for all 5th grade students in Fremont County, Idaho. The students and teachers are invited to explore Chester Wetlands in the hope that they grow to appreciate their unique local environment. We hope the students learn of the importance of rivers and seasonal wetlands to the plants and animals in the area...and of course have fun!