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Teacher Trunks


eton Regional Land Trust currently has five different teacher trunks. The trunks are available to local teachers to help encourage students' knowledge and interest in science, particularly about their local environment.  Each trunk is full of lessons, field studies, specimens and supplemental materials for interactive programs that give students "hands-on" experiences outside the standard science curriculum. Trunk materials are designed for teaching grades 1-8.


Mapping and GPS Trunk

Trunk contains mapping materials, GPS units, maps of the local area, compasses, and tools to teach about topography. Lessons range from creative mapping exercises to orienteering and technical processes.

Woods Creek Fen Ecosystem Trunk

The contents of this trunk can facilitate lessons in the classroom or outdoors, however it is designed to encourage the use of Wood’s Creek Fen, TRLT’s outdoor classroom. Activities help students explore the wetland ecosystem through a process of exploration and by using scientific tools.

Winter Ecology Trunk

This trunk encourages students to understand the important role of the winter season Teton Valley. Resources include activities to teach about animal and plant adaptations, tracking, snow science, and winter survival.

Waterfowl Trunk

Explore the water birds that play an integral part in the Upper Snake River Watershed. From trumpeter swan wings to sandhill crane footprints, you can use lessons created to teach about the importance of Teton Valley to migrating birds.


Raptor Trunk

Focused on birds of prey, this trunk includes materials to teach about the physical adaptations and special features of raptors. Actual taxadermic birds and owl pellets help bring exploration of raptors into the classroom.

 Click here to read the full content list for the Teacher Trunks

Please contact TRLT at 208-354-8939 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to learn more about these tools or to check them out for use in your classroom.