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How it works

Our Conservation Buyer Program introduces key properties to buyers who wish to enjoy a spectacular property while protecting its important natural resources. The Teton Regional Land Trust staff works with landowners and realtors to highlight these key properties and to find conservation-minded buyers who will help preserve the property’s natural resources through a donation of a conservation easement. We also work with landowners who are interested in selling their property to a buyer who will permanently protect the property from further development. The Teton Regional Land Trust works with the real estate community on these projects, but does not accept real estate commissions.

Conservation buyers typically donate a conservation easement on the property within a year of their purchase. The donation of a conservation easement may provide significant income and estate tax benefits to the buyer. By permanently reducing the potential for residential development on a property, buyers who donate conservation easements may reduce their acquisition costs by up to 20%.   Click here for more detailed tax information.

Listed Conservation Buyer properties include lands that contain wetlands, agricultural land, wildlife habitat, land adjacent to other protected properties, and/or land of sufficient size that its resources will remain intact if adjacent lands are developed. Listed Conservation Buyer properties may also include land that is already protected by conservation easement.


Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information on current properties, or to find out how the gift of a conservation easement could benefit you.