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Easement Criteria

What does the Land Trust consider when deciding whether to approve a conservation easement?

Before approving a conservation easement, the Board of Directors determines that the project meets the goals of the Trust, that protection will provide a significant public benefit and that the Trust is capable of carrying out the perpetual stewardship obligations.

Lands must have significant value in one or more of the following categories:

  • Wetlands, floodplains, and riparian habitats necessary for the protection of water quality, fish, and wildlife.
  • Active ranching, farming, or other productive agricultural use providing significant open space values and conforming with local government interest in maintaining agricultural uses of the land.
  • Habitat for endangered, threatened, or rare species.
  • Important wildlife habitat or migratory routes.
  • Ecosystems that remain in relatively natural, undisturbed conditions.
  • Historic lands or buildings.
  • Open space that’s valuable to a community due to its proximity to developing areas or its prominent position in how people perceive their community.
  • Properties of great scenic value to the general public.

Please click here to view our complete conservation criteria.