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Fox Creek Riparian Restoration Project

foxcreek sm

The Fox Creek Restoration Project is a habitat improvement project on private land in Teton Valley, Idaho that will restore and enhance over 4,000 linear feet of Fox Creek, one of last remaining strongholds in Teton Valley for Yellowstone cutthroat trout.  This project builds upon over a mile of previous restoration work completed by the landowners, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Friends of the Teton River, and Ducks Unlimited.

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Horseshoe Flats Restoration Project


The Horseshoe Flats area provides both transitional and winter habitat for a herd of elk that summer in the Big Hole Mountains and winter along the central section of the Teton River corridor and nearby uplands. In the winter, deep snow forces elk down from the higher elevations of the Big Hole Mountains to Teton River bottomlands and adjacent benchlands in the vicinity of Horseshoe Flats.

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Rainier Reach Restoration Project


In 2002 and 2004 the Dunn Family protected over 1 mile of the Teton River corridor by placing 250 acres along the River under three permanent conservation easements held by Teton Regional Land Trust (TRLT). The Dunn properties are part of an active cattle ranching operation and, along with adjacent easements and Idaho Department of Fish and Game land, comprise the longest contiguous protected reach (both banks) of the Teton River.

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Cooke Warm Creek Restoration Project


The Warm Creek Ranch is located west of Victor, ID near the base of Pine Creek Pass. In 2002, with help from the Cooke family, Ducks Unlimited and TRLT, a habitat restoration project was undertaken to restore and enhance shallow wetland habitat and cover for waterfowl and shorebirds, with the ultimate goal of encouraging significant utilization of the property by waterfowl for nesting, staging and migratory use.

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Wilcox Restoration Project


The Wilcox Cartier Slough Property, containing approximately 390 acres, is located approximately 9 miles west of Rexburg, in Madison County, Idaho. Cartier Slough, a side channel of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River winds through the Property from the northeast corner to th southwest portion of the Property.

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Simmons Restoration Project


The Simmons conservation easement is made up of 138 acres of irrigated pasture and wetlands. The property is located along the east bank of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River south of St. Anthony, ID. Two wetlands were constructed by the landowner and the NRCS as part of a 35-acre Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) in 2004 to benefit waterfowl including trumpeter swans.

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Six Springs Restoration Project


In 2004, Teton Regional Land Trust staff and the landowner developed a restoration/enhancement plan for several areas of the Six Springs Ranch that would target both increased function for agriculture and landscape-scale benefits to high priority fish and wildlife species.

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